Mad Skills BMX 2 App Reviews

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An expensive frustrating addiction

If one buys $59.99 worth of gold to fully upgrade to the best bike, you can win your way pretty deep into the game. It takes about 20-50 repeat races to advance past higher levels. Each race is about 90 seconds long. You’ll be wasting a solid hour per level. “How does each of these hours look?” you may ask. Well, even with the most capable bike there is zero room for error. So one cased jump and start over. It’s a series of 90 second intervals where your like ‘nobody pull my attention away from this or I lose.’ You do this 20-50 times in a row. Kinda unhealthy from my experience. Squeezing, punching and throwing the phone will happen. Sooooo much cursing!!! This design triggers the perfectionist psycho circuitry in the human mind. Rewarding when you finally win, but it’s a really gross journey. So since life’s more about the journey than the destination, this game really just adds grossness to your life.

Fun up to 20 min of game play

Fun in the beginning and like so many free games after a bit you hit a wall were unless you spend money you can’t progress any further. Wish there was a way to work that out, maybe more ads for the freeloaders like myself. I understand you gotta pay some how but this game is not for cheap folks like me.

Lane hyatt

It is the best box bike game I have ever played

Gold only upgrades

great game.... just wondering why, when playing on the iphone and bike gets to where you can only upgrade with gold, but if you open on the ipad you are able to upgrade with in game cash? ... found this out on accident, was very useful, just wondering if this was planned or ?

Great game.

Great game. For free ya really can’t beat it if you like BMX.


I love this game it’s the best thx for the game


It’s a really fun game to get your mind free


For putting your game to 5 star can you please send me gold

Decent game, but not enough to pay for it

When I first downloaded this game it was awesome!!! But now that I'm at more advanced levels, while it's not impossible to win a race, it's quite difficult & frustrating when your stats are higher than your opponent's, and they are still able to beat you BY A LONGSHOT! While I enjoy a challenge just as much as the next person, it seems like this game forces you to pay for gold to upgrade your bike. THEN you have a fair shot at winning... And I have leveled up at LEAST twice, and have NOT gotten my rockets 🚀the game said I earned...


This game is is fun but it can get challenging at some points

This game is a rip off

They make you purchase all this stuff and it is such a waste of money I hate this game and have spent 30$ on it for stupid up grades that aren’t worth a crap. I suggest to any one looking to down this game keep on looking for another game. It is a HUGE RIP OFF.

Don’t waste your time

Get to the point where you have to pay to play. Deleted after a week because watching ads is not enough money for the developer. Stick with their MX app.

Good game, with pay walls

Had alot of fun with it till i got to the desert area, now its just a tough lesson in frustration and i dont really want to play anymore. I might of bought some gold, but ive seen too many times, u buy a little bit to get over one pay wall and then a few races later they smack u with another pay wall and im not falling for it that again


Great game 👌

Crappy update

Every time i move up a level it says i get 5 rockets and then when I collect it shows freaking ZERO rockets. Why give them to us if I won’t be able to actually use them. Fix the bug.

Good until...

Great game but it’s expensive. I don’t mind spending for games but this one will require money at each new trac level. Pay to play or in this case pay to win is dead guys.

Bonus level-up rewards lost

I enjoy the replay-ability of the game, however any time you are in the cusp of leveling up, a stupid video comes up and overrides your opportunity to accept your rewards. This often times negates the rewards and you end up short-changes for gold and rockets. This is annoying to anyone earning experience and leveling up. It’s as if you want everyone to buy their way to the top.

Love t!!!

Fun game

Great game

It’s an amazing game, really fun!!

Ok for a while

Feels like I’m at a point where if I don’t spend real money on upgrades I can’t proceed.

Yee yee

Best game ya dig


You made your game cheat on every race

Decent game

I can see where some people might love this game but the challenge was just not there in an engaging fashion. Good graphics.

Bad app

Terrible app. You have to spend teal money just to get fast enough to beat the first boss. Ill be deleting

Make you pay money to upgrade

The game was dope until I spent 2 weeks beating one course because the loot system and your stopped once you max speed out then forced to use gold bars which are bought credits.

Pay to win

I feel like i have to pay to win.


This games was alright at first. But it takes a while to get to level 27, where I’m at, then to race people that are at level 11, with half my bike stats, and they are basically the same speed, that’s really lame, then to race some one for $400 and it he just as difficult as someone for $2500.... easy vs. hard. There should be a difference just saying. The developers are about money with this one. I’m deleting it and going back to playing madskills mx. This is nothing like bmx racing, it’s like that ad you see all the time for the little ball that you have to keep in Rhythm over humps. Ok but could be better.


Love it I’m so hooked on this but you can only do flips


Game has been extremely laggy ever since update 1.0.2

Exelente juego

Muy bueno


Another pay-to-win game😂😂🙄


The absolute best !

It is awesome

The game is a game if you like BMX because it’s a great app for graphics and affects.

Don’t Bother

Don’t bother unless your willing to pay real cash past the first couple days of play. They do not have a way to earn free gold and bike prices are way up there. I understand they want to make money but don’t offer a free game and then make it impossible to play past the first few days.

Thanks for the glitching update.

Gotta love an update that ruins the game play. Yeah there’s new stuff but the game play is rough. Game does not run smooth at all. This makes it difficult to get a good jumping and landing rhythm going. I’m sure the added new stuff is worth it though.


Totally Rad!

James “jamming Jim “ pro cruiser

I love my ex bmxer race 35 year ago I was retired bmxer cuz my knee was accident in Ohio , president champion and Christmas classic national tour day and I m pro cruiser and I missed my favorite race track like hell track lol

Try to force to buy

This game forces you to do regular matches to earn money to upgrade and you have to literally have the bike as maxed out as you can make it to beat the bosses. I’m fine with that. However you got a point where it’s forcing you to buy the gold (real money) to be able to progress through the game. Considering the amount of ads in the game you deal with already its pretty frustrating. It gets a 3 because I had fun up until that part.

Money grab

Fun game until you’re forced to spend money. Don’t bother wasting money on a premium account. You think you’re unlocking stuff by buying premium when in reality it only makes premium items available for purchase through gold, which gold costs even more money. Uninstalling


Love this game 💪🏽

Great game

It kills me how so many people say you have to spend money on this game. Yes it gets hard, so you have to work at it and try try try again to get just the right line to beat your opponent. But you absolutely do not have to spend money. Just like anything in life, you practice until you get good enough to beat the best. Kids these days just want to win even if it means the game isn’t challenging at all. What fun is that!! Great game, I’m on the best bike you can get and haven’t spent a dime. It took me time to get there and that is what’s fun about it. If you want to spend $ to max out your bike without challenging yourself at all then that’s your choice. So many babies out there..need instant gratification....Awesome game!!

Bad things about this dumb game.

Maybe if it was a little bit easier...... it would make the game more playable. Every time, and I mean EVERY time I play a round of this I lose, and complain. Trust me.... if you get this game it would make you want to throw you phone across the room. I just got this today and I already am super upset 😡 about this.

Money hungry game company

The game is good and you can upgrade your bike until about halfway through and then upgrading your bike take money and a good amount of it. Because you can't earn gold that quickly and buying it with actual money is insanely expensive. And they make it until it's virtually impossible to beat the next bike racer unless you upgrade. That's when I quit playing it. Money hungry company!!!


What’s the point of having cash when you need gold to upgrade? And there ain’t even a way to earn gold. It’s a good game if you trying to spend real cash. Other than that, trash!

Love it same as the Mx one

Loooooove ittt


Love the game

Yep... another pay-to-win

Listen to these negative reviews... nailed it. Cannot progress without spending money. And not just a few dollars either. I’m talking MINIMUM $40-$50 to even become competitive with the computer. Bike upgrades are insanely expensive. Deleting this garbage.


Fun game


I like the game and all but you made the game to hard and it makes me want to brake my phone 😡

Forces you to buy gold

You can only make it a very short distance in the game before you have to buy gold in order to advance in the game.

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