Mad Skills BMX 2 App Reviews

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What happened to this app

Was great and now I can’t open it without it trying to open random sites in my browser or App Store.

Be prepared to be frustrated!

The game itself is fine, good graphics, could play for hours…BUT you will find yourself frustrated as all get out unless you are willing to drop some cash to “upgrade” your bike. New bikes cost you hundred of “gold bars” which you cannot earn during the course of the game. You have to buy them through in-app purchases. And the opponents get tougher and tougher, as you would expect, but they never make mistakes and ride the exact same run every single time, you find yourself running the same track over and over and restarting over and over until you nail a perfect run. I really wanted to keep this game and play it often, but I have already deleted it after one week.


Best phone game I ever played this should be a PS4 game

Just another promising game that turns money hungry

I won’t lie when I first stared playing this game It was really fun.... but now I see what ppl are talking about that complain on this app. It’s basically a bike race against the cpu with a lot of jumps and hills. You either have a down button for wheelies & landing then you have an up button for bunny hops and going off jumps. I noticed a trend on this game. If your are leading your dude starts going slower and starts messing up on the jumps. If your losing tho you’re hitting the jumps perfect and he is doing everything normal. The cpu ALWAYS passes you if you’re winning. Then when you lose an add pops up trying to get you to buy more coins and bikes. I know games aren’t sussposed to be easy and you’re not going to win every time but this is just ridiculous. Don’t believe just download this app and wait to you go to the next level. You’ll see what I mean. Such a waste that they ruined such a promising game. Uninstalled!

Took my money!!

I just purchased the $1.99 special and didn’t receive my money, gold, nor rockets!! But they took the money out of my account.



Fun!! Until pay wall 😔

I really liked this game And even spent about $10, devs deserve some money for a fun game. I thought it was your typical pay to advance really fast or grind it out really slow for free, type of game. You actually hit a wall where you can’t upgrade your bike anymore unless you buy gold. Not grind away free currency for a week and then upgrade 1 point, but the ONLY way to progress is to buy gold. Pfft, I’m not against paying here and there to enjoy the game a little more, I probably would have spent 5 dollars here and there if it was optional, but screw this game for pay wall.


Not sure how you expect anybody to want to keep playing this when all you do is lose.


I’m done. F this game. I understand making a game challenging but when it’s impossible, it’s time to quit. Deleting this game 🖕🏻

Straight trash

Paid and sponsored reviews in both app stores. This is one of the worst free to play mechanics I’ve ever experienced. They’re trying to milk some money from the series hardcores.


Too much fun

Fun if you spend money

I believe this game would be fun if you are willing to spend money. Other than that though it’s pretty tough. Updating your bike after a while just costs gold instead of cash. Gold can only be bought or earned in a level up every once in a while. Anyways I just think if you are willing to spend your own money this game could be fun but if you don’t it’s difficult and limiting.

Amazing game

I absolutely love this game it’s Addicting and fun


I pod for the first upgrade and never got it! I emailed with no rectification

Money hungry

This game was AWESOME for a short time, then I quickly realized that unless you pay money you can only go so far.. there is a “quick cash” mode yet you can’t use the cash to buy rockets or to buy gold. I have over $500,000 and it can only be used to change the color of my bike or the rider race gear. WORTHLESS I can beat the boss cause my bike isn’t fast enough, the bike isn’t fast enough cause I have no gold unless I do an in app purchase. WORTHLESS.

Pay-to-win Cash Grab

DO NOT DOWNLOAD! There is so way the five star reviews on this game are real unless they rate the game after playing it for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes it turns into a blatant Pay-To-Win cash grab. Eventually all bike upgrades turn into only being purchasable with gold bars. And yes, you guessed it, the amount gold bars needed for bike upgrades are only obtained by purchasing them. Don’t download it.

Resets your game

So I’ve gotten a little far in the game. No issues. When all of a sudden the app constantly resets my board. I press jump and it resets. I press down and it resets. So I contact support and they request a video because they don’t believe me. Then they blame my brand new iPad Pro. Can’t possibly be the app. No other app has touch issues. Odd?

Poor AI

I have more speed, pump, and jump than the AI I am racing against yet he keeps pulling ahead on me. Frustrating and lame. Fail.

Mad max


Games great until you hit the paywall

It’s very frustrating to complete the favela and anything further if you don’t spend money. And I get the purpose is to get people to spend money. But too expensive to make a good enough advance


Everytime I try to press the up arrow to hop on every jump, it’s inconsistent. It never lets me jump higher than a few inches off the ground and then my dude flies over the handle bars because he doesn’t make the jump. If this is a game issue, please fix. If not, idk what I’m doing wrong.


Not F2P friendly. 3rd boss is nearly impossible to beat unless you spend money to upgrade your bike.

It's fun for awhile

Started out fun, but have reached the end and can only do Jam races. The last two backflip races are impossible for me, so I'm not sure if something opens up after completing those. Despite be the highest level bike and fully equipped still can't out race lower level profiles most of the time. I could use some more space free on my phone, so this one might be headed to the trash heap.

Pay to win game

This games pay to win it’s garbage

The worst game ever

Chuck is absolutely impossible to beat


Can’t tell you how many times I miss a jump because my thumb isn’t squarely on arrow. A player has to focus so much on jump timing that I don’t realize when my thumb has drifted. Easy fix and I’d review this as a 5 Star game. As is, it’s driving me crazy


I wanted a game that was fun and a good way to pass time. I saw an ad and said “Hey why not give it a try.” So the first day of playing was actually pretty fun, good graphics, easy to control, and most importantly, not boring. Once you pass a few levels you start to realize that the opponents get harder and unless you run the track spot on, you are not winning the race. I have spent a good 30$ on this game and am kind of ashamed of admitting that, but even with the final bike fully upgraded, I find myself losing to opponents with lower rated bikes. Now if i bought gold in the game to have a fully upgraded bike, i expect myself to beat opponents with lower rated bikes. Don't waste your time and money on this game. It is not worth it.

I hate it

It’s very funny how the robot aka computers are better than us


Once u get to a higher level it basically ends up impossible and wen ther bike is the same speed and less on other u loose majorly even wen u build up speed it is the stupidest game in the world I hate it won’t sponser it don’t recommend it

Awesome game

Really enjoy the game, graphics are good and no crashing. Ready for an update with new tracks and challenges though please!!


Could be way better.


The games good, i havent played the first one so i cant compare, but the mechanics and its takes some work to be good with it and actually gets time to get passed certain levels, but the money system is stupid, i have over 50k in money but 20 gold, and all my bike upgrades are in gold and theres no way to transfer money to gold so the game has kinda screwed me.


It is not a good game at all, it is pretty stupid the way it is set up.

Force you to buy to win

Hey force you to buy rockets to win. Even with a perfect ride and maxed bike every ten races or so you can’t win without rockets. Which I have to buy. Stupid ../otherwise fun simple game

Pay to Play

Pay to play at its finest.

Amazing game!

Very fun game with not many ads!

Fun game however...

Game play is great and a lot of fun, but it the game makes it so you can’t progress unless you spend money. I realize most games are this way, however getting past the third boss seems a little early to be forcing people to purchase “gold”. Too bad really the potential is there.

Great game

This game is so well made. It’s better than OG excite bike for nes.

Thank you for this game

I give you guys four stars cause I really like this game so can you hook me up with some bike colors or a bike please

This game traps you to making purchases

Its really true what other people say about this game on the other reviews. Game was good at first. Then until you reach like level 5 on so on... you are definitely gonna need to purchase bikes, rockets, and upgrades to beat the cpu. Otherwise you’d be stuck on any level trying to beat em. Do not spend and do not download!!!


How is it possible to be 130 ahead and then the computer just catches up like nothing but when it’s you trying to catch up. It’s impossible. Games a cheat. Should also. E able to use your cash to buy more bikes or upgrades instead of having to be forced to buy gold with real money. I don’t like that and it shouldn’t be allowed to be forced to buy something in order to get further in a game.

Mixed Emotions

This game was so fun. Timing, velocity, rhythm and speed compensation, loved every minute of it. As any normal game, further you advanced, the levels get more difficult. The challenge was genuine, competitive, fun and motivating in a competitive way. Flipside, you will reach a point when you have to pay the piper for the training you received. As your confidence builds, you will find yourself repetitively replaying certain levels over and over and over and over and over and over. How much money you spend in committing to that victory is based on your own competitive perseverance and/or your ability to to except the inevitable, you're not going to win without financially investing. Enjoy the journey and good luck!

Way too hard

Seemed cool at first but I’ve been stuck on the track 2-8 forever, can’t beat it not even with rockets, no fun...this game is B.$.


At first this was a great game I thought it was fun but then once you get to lever 9 or 10 it is impossible to beat your opponent. I spent hours playing to get cash to upgrade my bike but still they would beat me off the start and go through jumps faster.i don’t get this how can a person with a slower bike beat me? I take the same lines as them and land on a jump the same way but yet they still pull away from me. This is a scam for your money

One day of fun, the rest is horrible and cheat-tastic

You get this game and you’re excited, ready to play. You start and WOW is that first day so fun! You think, “yeah, I’m having a blast and ready to keep going!” Sorry folks, but unless you buy and buy and buy, this game blows. You have to upgrade your bike and buy rockets and get paired against opponents on levels so much higher than you, it’s shocking. Think you can squeeze through without paying a dime? Think again, suckers! All that stuff costs real money and barely does s$#t. I bought their “premium pack,” thinking MAYBE it would help a sista out - not a freaking chance. It was a pure waste and never have I wanted to get my money back on anything this darn much. Play if you want, but I highly suggest that the second it stops being fun, delete it - any real $ you spend will literally be the biggest waste of $ you’ve spent in your life.

BS races

So my bike maxed out speed at 30. And the computers speed is 15 on their bike. Starting off this dude is head to head with me and after one flip, the computers pulls out ahead. When my speed is double right? Bs game


This is the best bmx racing game of all time one suggestion I have is a custom bike color and livery maker so I can make a bike that looks like mine in real life it would also be cool if we could make gear for our riders please take this into consideration 👍


It’s a amazing game but I think u guys should make first person and make the gold a little easier to get but it’s still awesome.

Good 😐

I really liked it for a month or so, and when I mean really, I mean really. But after that month, I haven’t played for about 6 months. I got bored of it. In my opinion, I think it needed a little change-up, to make it exciting. Besides that, it was fine. But that one thing made me delete the game, just saying.

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